Access Information

SimpleScript™: Helping to enable patients to receive the medication you prescribe

At Depomed, we understand that you may benefit from assistance with finding solutions to common access challenges, helping ensure patients receive the medication you prescribe. We have partnered with nationally recognized pharmacies throughout the country to bring you SimpleScript™, a program that facilitates and supports product access.

Here’s how SimpleScript™ can help:

    REDUCE ACCESS BURDENS. Our pharmacy partners work to ensure prescription access hurdles, including prior authorization (PA) phone calls and paperwork, are minimized.
    MEDICATION AVAILABILITY. Local pharmacies may not have the medicine on the shelf when your patient needs it. SimpleScript™ pharmacies always have a consistent stock of Depomed medications.
    ENSURE LOWEST PRICES FOR DEPOMED MEDICATIONS. Depomed copay support programs are automatically applied to qualifying products for eligible patients with commercial insurance.*
    SUPPORT PATIENT PERSISTENCE AND ADHERENCE. SimpleScript™ pharmacy staff follow up with your patients to help ensure they receive and adhere to the medication you prescribe.

How does SimpleScript™ work?

SimpleScript™ helps ensure patients get the medication they were prescribed in 3 easy steps:

  1. Send the prescription to the SimpleScript™ pharmacy. After selecting the appropriate Depomed medication for your patient, you can call, e-prescribe, or fax the prescription to a SimpleScript™ pharmacy.
  2. SimpleScript™ pharmacy processes claim in support of a coverage decision. SimpleScript™ pharmacies contact the patient and facilitate prescription fulfillment, including obtaining PA forms and additional information if necessary.
  3. Patient receives Depomed product. Patients who obtain coverage approval will receive their medication at home within a few days. Eligible, commercially insured patients receive copay assistance and pay the lowest Depomed price.*


Copay assistance:

  • Most eligible patients pay no more than $25 for GRALISE by using the GRALISE copay card or eVoucherRx™ pharmacy network
  • eVoucherRx™ provides fully automated prescription savings for eligible patients through 41,000 pharmacies nationwide
  • Electronic coupon saves time for prescribers, patients, and pharmacies
  • Patients can download a copay card here