Dosing and Titration

Titration with GRALISE

Based on data pooled from 2 placebo-controlled studies involving 723 patients, 95% of GRALISE patients and 93.4% of placebo patients achieved an 1800 mg dose within 2 weeks.1

Discontinuation due to adverse events (AEs) during the 2-week titration period was 3.6% for GRALISE and 3.0% for placebo.1

Overall rates of discontinuation due to AEs were 9.7% for GRALISE vs 6.9% with placebo.2

Dosage based on renal function2

Creatinine Clearance
(Once daily with evening meal)
≥601800 mg
30 to 60600 mg to 1800 mg
<30GRALISE should not be administered
Patients receiving hemodialysisGRALISE should not be administered


  1. Irving GA, Sweeney M. Tolerability and safety of gastroretentive once-daily gabapentin for the treatment of postherpetic neuralgia. J Pain Res. 2012;5:203-208.
  2. GRALISE. Prescribing information. Almatica Pharma LLC; 2020.
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Gabapentin is a controlled substance in several states. Contact local authorities for more information. Advise patients to take GRALISE only as prescribed.