Mechanism of Delivery

GRALISE tablets utilize patented gastroretentive technology1


Taken in an 1800 mg dose once daily with the evening meal

  • Releases gabapentin gradually1,2
    • Minimizes saturation and enhances efficiency of drug exposure1,2
    • Provides prolonged drug absorption1

2 Hours Post-dose

GRALISE tablet remains in stomach to gradually release gabapentin to the upper gastrointestinal (GI) tract, the site of optimal absorption.1,3,4

8-9 Hours Post-dose

Gradual release continues to the upper GI tract. The tablet dissolves completely approximately 15 hours after dosing.3


  • Absorption in the upper GI tract is mediated by a saturable transport system1,2
    • Transport systems become saturated and are unable to process a large volume of gabapentin, resulting in nonlinear absorption